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Branding / Logos
Given the right design, the smallest business can appear to be a multinational corporation. The opposite is also true. A crummy letterhead may curtail the confidence a business inspires.

Environmental Graphic Design
Environmental graphic design consists of unequal parts architecture, industrial design, lighting, and of course, graphic design.

General Signage
In addition to designing and fabricating one-of-a-kind art signs, we also design and fabricate what we call "general signage". This is the work that fills in the cracks between the big jobs.

Ornamental Signs
We design and fabricate historically correct pieces of sign art using the same techniques that were used a hundred years ago.

Santa Cruz Shield Stickers
4 1/2"x 4 1/2 vinyl sticker

Sign Systems
We design, fabricate, and install complete wayfinding systems: interior and exterior, directories, conference room, office, and cubicle signs .

Step - By - Step Sign Fabrication
Visit this section to see us in action.

The Posters
A collection of distilled images that are distinctly Santa Cruz.